Tarot Classes


I offer a selection of in-person courses in Huntersville and Charlotte, NC.  Ranging from introductions to tarot to more advanced topics (like Qabalah, tarot in magical practice, tarot spreads, history, and learning to read for others).  Check out and like my Facebook page to keep up to date on upcoming classes!


Popularized in France during the Enlightenment, a salon is an intimate gathering of intellectual and artistic peers for the sake of exchanging ideas and inspiring social movement. Laughingbrook Salon is a new program of classes at Laughingbrook Spellcrafting & Ancestral Arts designed to foster a deeper appreciation for a number of magical subjects.  I’m pleased to host those conversations related to tarot!  Join us for quarterly events covering all things tarot, whatever your level of experience!

Salons are designed to be intimate and foster a lot of discussion and personal sharing, so seating is limited to 10.  Light snacks and drinks are always provided.  Be sure to register early to avoid disappointment!

For more information or to register, contact Laughingbrook Spellcrafting & Ancestral Arts at 704-903-3527.

Past Salons:

Tarot 101

March 14, 12-5 pm, $60

Register early!  Call 704-903-3527

Are you totally new to tarot?  Been trying to teach yourself for a while and just keep getting stuck?  Maybe you used to read and feel like you’ve forgotten everything?

This installment of Tarot Salon is designed to fast-track beginners, getting you over that first, scary hurdle of, “Holy crap there’s so much to learn where do I start!”  We’ll talk tarot structure and origins.  We’ll cover all the basics of picking a deck, getting comfortable with the one you already have, taking care of it, and all the creative ways to use it.  You’ll learn strategies for memorizing traditional card meanings quickly, reading intuitively right off the bat, and interpreting tarot spreads.  Come confused, leave as a reader, armed with tools to further your study and practice.  As always, there will be plenty of opportunity for practice, sharing experiences, and good tarot fellowship!  Five fun hours of class time, practice, questions answered, and guidance on where to go next!

Tarot 201: Next Level Tarot

Are you stuck on a tarot plateau? Still trying to get beyond the basics? Would you like to build confidence as a reader or just get out of a rut? Ever wonder where tarot really comes from?

Join us for two consecutive evenings of tarot technique, history, and practicum, sure to inspire and enlighten any tarot lover. We’ll unpack the real history behind tarot’s esoteric origins, discuss practical strategies for improving your readings right away, and then spend time putting those techniques to work. After a total of six hours of class time, you’ll leave with the no-nonsense truth behind tarot’s fabled beginnings, increased esoteric knowledge to back up your intuitive interpretations, and a ton of new techniques to add to your personal arsenal. Not to mention a new group of friends who are just as in love with tarot as you are!