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Praise for Tarot Salon

This course went beyond my expectations! Thorn was very passionate. Love that! A very concise presentation.  I would absolutely recommend this to my friends.

Shauna (Huntersville, NC)

Thorn made everything so clear! I feel like I can even read one-card spreads now!  This was a great experience.  She was perfect, and I loved all the history.

 Christa Marie (Marietta, GA)

I only wish class was longer! Offer more!  I don’t want to leave!

 Sharon (Gastonia, NC)

Praise for the Tarot Skeptic Newsletter

Hey Thorn,

I just wanted to let you know that this is the best email newsletter I’ve ever read!  I’m subscribed to a few of my favorite bloggers but they’re usually full of abstract, personal development type woo woo that I sorta don’t get and just skim through. I actually love personal development type woo woo, but yours is the first one I’ve read that is actually useful and has lots of awesome info, even for someone who doesn’t read tarot.  You’ve inspired me to pull out my never-used tarot deck and have a crack at it.

 Florence Nouveau