Hi!  I’m Thorn.

I roll my eyes every time I hear phrases like higher self, personal journey, or self discovery.

I can’t help it. Concepts that might be useful within particular schools of psychology have become little more than self-help buzz phrases and often leave me feeling at least a little mystified.

Fed up with the vague abstractions, woo-woo mysticism, and the dysfunctional life coaches occupying every corner of the Internet, I wanted to study tarot in a way that both complemented my own spiritual interests and was immediately practical. Over more than a decade of study and practice, I came to see tarot as a reasonable system that can help most anyone. Even curmudgeonly skeptics like me.

Initially, I was inspired by the beautiful artwork and rich history. My pursuit of tarot eventually became serious and has been further fueled by rigorous study in a variety of related fields, including contemporary Pagan and witchcraft traditions, Western esotericism, Qabalah, and anthropology. I hold an MA in religious studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with concentrations in American religions and ethnography. I have presented at national academic conferences (including the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion), lectured university classes, and spoken at local Pagan events. I am a degree student at the Tarot School in New York, under the guidance of Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone, and a member of the Tarosophy Tarot Association, American Tarot Association, and Builders of the Adytum.

I approach tarot the same way I approached graduate school: with sincerity, long hours of hard work, lots of critical questions, and more than a little wine. To me, skepticism is an asset, not a hindrance.

My practice of tarot is not about New Age clichés, Oprah-isms, or visualizing away your problems.  My tarot is an art form rooted in real life, designed to help you deal with your shit in real time. I don’t make predictions or spew meaningless jargon. Instead, we use the tarot as a springboard into useful conversation. Tarot is a tool that enables us to pull from your subconscious, create patterns in your day-to-day life, and come up with strategies for dealing with whatever situation you have in front of you. My job is to help you think through possible outcomes, consider your options, and make informed decisions.

And I do it without asking you to compromise your common sense.